Capital Fortune telling

A friend of the Young Man’s posted: “Okay, y’all, who has been to a palm reader, tarot reader, fortune teller, etc? […] If you’ve done this, tell me your experience, please.” 😊

A genuinely Earnest request which leveraged the Young Man. At first he responded with:

“I went a long time ago to support a fellow business owner in the mini-complex we were in. I made an effort to not say anything at all. I could find no fault with anything they said, all generic, but can’t remember any of it, except one anomaly. They said I was to have a significant impact in the *Medical* field. A field I have no interest in whatsoever.”

“What grabbed me was it resonated somehow. As much as I had every logical reason to dismiss it as a dart in the dark, I never could. It has stayed with me all these years. Some part of me always looking for how it might be true or come true. It makes me wonder, now, especially since psychology is part of the medical field. A consideration I did not have at the time. I always had that feeling, right from when it was said, that it would be true, but in a non-typical or unexpected way.”

But then the Earnestness of the request coagulated with the Young Man’s internal pressure to be thorough, along with the ongoing mystery of the reading. There was More. Ever one unable to leave the More alone, the Young Man proceeded to reach into the rest. Not knowing what would be found when he started. His experience in delving into personal mystery his guide. He would trust the More would come. All he could do was venture into the unknown, traversing what he *did* know. Using that known to call forth what he still held hidden from himself. He had learned this mechanism of Trust. Allowing the immersion to take hold, the faint memories to congeal…

His elaboration:

“Some backstory. The lady in question, was known to me. She was a customer. I had known her a good long while before eventually going for a read. She had a small space in the mini-complex we had our business in. The store owners tried to support each other. She being a regular customer, eventually My Heart and I felt we had to support her.”

“She completely looked the part, as T would say: “From Central Casting.” — The Gypsy looks, modern however, not over the top in any way. Scarf, mysterious undefinable accent, sober thoughtful demeanour…”


“We sold jewellery, among other items. (Swords and knives, general gift items.) The jewellery our main product at the time. We did not merely sell jewellery, we considerably helped our customers to buy. A very intimate affair. More of a fitting. We would get into the details of what look, feel, mood, tone, etc. they were trying to put forth. What qualities within themselves they were trying to bring out. Our jewellery sessions were involved psychological readings. Finding those qualities within, which the customer did not necessarily see, connecting the appropriate item, then revealing their deeper sides, much to their delight.”

“A deeply personal experience, much loved by our customers. The way we sold jewellery, a revealing involvement. After even one interaction, we would know the customer pretty well.”

“The fortune-telling lady, was a regular. Plus we saw her around. Not once, ever, did I get even the faintest hint of dishonesty or subterfuge from her. She was not an un-intelligent, unaware, or naive woman either. There was an integrity to her. She was sober and sincere.”

“During our various adventures over the years, our then business origins in flea-markets, and various other endeavours, we had plenty opportunity to observe those not quite on the up and up. A matter of survival, otherwise we would be the marks. This lady was nothing like that. Leading me to my main point. In this field, there are those that “play the game” and those that genuinely believe. Likely some in-betweeners. But those two main camps.”

“Our lady certainly a believer. A quite one. She never ever tried to sell us or convince us of her view of things. During all our interactions with her as a customer, her business never came up. Not once. She never had any need. She simply was what she was. That was all there was to it. I respected that in her.”

“Despite my personal mis-givings, her quiet personal OK-ness with herself kept a door open. I could not dismiss her completely, no matter how logical. To deny her would be to deny a lifetime of continuous and extensive psychological research, study, insight and accumulated skill in “reading” people.”

“I also had my skills, of which I too was quietly confident. I could with all my abilities-of-insight not dismiss her as a fraud, or delusional. She believed what she did was valid, for valid reasons of her own. What others thought or did not, of no consequence to her. She was what she was. A kindred spirit of sorts.”

“As I write in detail, as happens, more detail of the interaction itself surfaces. I do not remember if she looked at my hand or not, I feel not, but cannot be sure. I was completely focused on watching her at the time. Her face. “

“She spoke. A quite almost apologetic demeanour on her. Her jawline firm. She was doing her best!! Below the eyes, a slight sagged-ness. Not sadness exactly, but apology. An awareness in the eyes, but held in check. Sensibly. She was getting nothing special. What she was giving me was what I too could tell of another. Her words were not coming from her skill, as she saw it, but from her ordinary perception, detailed though they may be.”

“For this she was sorry. She apologised with her body. A slight collapse of the chest, a faint tension in the shoulders. But not too much. Coming to her for a reading, as she saw it, entailed a measure of risk and chance. She made no promises, but did her best. It was not up to her. This too was inside the communication. Implied. Intimated.”

“Now I remember why her comment of having a significant impact in the medical field stuck with me. She had finished. Was done. I was leaving. My unimpressed but polite and courteous reception appreciated. Still she had hoped to be of service to me as I had many times been to her. She wanted to *give* me More.”

“I had turned to leave, half-way through my turn, she spoke. I paused, my innate manners could do no less. I am trying to picture exactly the difference in her…. Ah!! It was relief!!! Yes, that was it. Muted, subtle. I see now as I review her, how she tried to not set her last addition apart from the rest. She could not. An intelligent woman, ethical *and* strategic, simultaneously. If she had allowed her pleasure at that last addition to show, the difference would diminish the rest of the session by contrast. Sophisticated.”

“What made her last comment stick however was not that suppressed faint happiness. It was not strong. Just a pleased-ness. Nothing special. It could easily have been at the session having transpired without incident. Now that I think of it, there was a decided element to that inner positive shift, that she had not needed to convey any negative, or had such perceptions privately. I cannot say if she would have communicated those had they been there. Perhaps she was simply glad she did not have to deal with any negatives in any way.”

“What caught my mind and being as she spoke about my impact on the medical field, *In the future,* this was mentioned. Not a focus, but a delineation from the rest which had been more a character portrait than prediction. What grabbed my me, was the way she pursed her lips as she said this. Much like a child does when they are being determinedly stubborn, going against what they know to be “supposed sense,” but doing it anyway.”

“This lip pursing and the subtle, suppressed again, concomitant attitude of somewhat throwing caution to the wind, was anomalous. It could not be reconciled with any of what went before. Also, a shine to her eyes. The right one in particular. A shine of *intent.* She was different telling me this. What made it stick, was to her, my read of her in that moment, to her, she was taking a chance!!!. She *Knew* what she was going to tell me would be perceived as utterly incongruous and make no sense.”

“But! She was willing to risk my good opinion of her! This was most significant to me. She was decidedly taking a chance. Those peculiarly pursed lips puckered against an internal protagonist, cautioning her to prudence. Those lips and the momentary contraction of her brow struck me. Stuck with me. It is, I now realise, why that particular statement is not one I can let go. Her communicating it to me, a *gesture.* A Gift. A Gift at a potential cost to her.”

“I am pleased to remember now I had been gracious and intuitively Appreciative. I see the relief on her as I took my parting. Happiness in the lady that her chance had been received appropriately.”

“I realise now, I had left impressed. I had not been until then, but that last interaction, the extended story’s worth of psychological transaction that had transpired in that sentence long moment’s worth of perceptual discernment, changed everything.”

“She had read me, as I her, appreciating my perceptions. Confident she had made the right decision. Relieved and gratified. I also remember now, the last look from her. I was already halfway across the parking lot, she still standing in her open door. Her look one of: ‘See, I *Do* have it.’”

For the Young Man, he had come to realise, investigating and immersing in memories and recollections which stayed with him, a worthwhile endeavour indeed. (For Comments)

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