I am desperately searching for people smarter than me.
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Dear Potential Friend,

I hear you. But I feel your search focus is misplaced on “smartness.” In actuality it matters little. I have had fantastic conversations and interactions, months and weeks long, or more, with individuals that might not be regarded as smart. Certainly not by themselves. Yet these interactions where phenomenal, sustaining, fulfilling, enlivening, Profound. Why?

Many factors, none related to smart. A willingness to engage, that is primary. A willingness to explore, to learn, to discover. A desire to figure it out. Whatever “it’ happened to be.

A lack of fixedness. A freedom to pursue the topic wherever it led. Even though often there were very definite goals and desires. An intention to Resolve, but an openness to find Solution where Solution was, however it was. This is imperative.

Honesty and Integrity. How critical are these? I don’t care how smart you are, without these we will waste our time. When honesty and integrity are inviolate, typically they resolve side distractions such as pettiness and ego. How can we be egotistical when we are honest? Interactions bedevilled by the Comparative Mindset are sadly doomed to collapse.

There is More, we might think those qualities are enough, but they aren’t. For me, in these marvellous interactions I have been in, am in, Persistence and Determination are key. The ability to continue, despite the path being dark. This is precious. Who knows where we will go. Not I. It is not up to me. i am not particularly smart. I merely Make an Effort. It is up to the Path, the subject matter, the Intent, the Construction of the knowledge we tackle.

The Magic in these Interactions is the Creation of New Truths, new Awarenesses, new Understandings, new Insights, new Discernments. An incredible thrill.

To reformulate something I already know is excellent, to refine what I use, is marvellous. To hone what I value is superb, to extend what is know is fantastic. But none of these come close to the rapture of Creating and Building a NEW TRUTH.

Once we do this that first time, the Implications via Extrapolation open up the Universe. If we can create One New Truth, we can create More!

What do we need for this? Simply Good Character. Willingness. Intent. Desire. The SuperPowers of Patience and Tolerance. The Humility of Sensibility. The Sobriety of Impeccability. We might even discover the bonuses of Ethics and Nobleness.

But smarts, nah, overrated. Sadly, typically, too much assumption, presumption, pre-conceived ideas, arrogance, intolerance, impatience etc. Of course intelligence has value, but as a single criteria, it does poorly as a selection mechanism. Too much baggage.

Give me Earnest Persistence any day. That refusal to quit, that is huge. The Primacy-of-Useful-Knowing over all else. The refusal to leave a Mystery-of-Knowledge unresolved, that is invaluable. The Pursuit of real and actual Value, incomparable. Earnest Goodness, what a marvel and Gift of nature! This is what I search for. This is the basis of my Community. This is what I wish to be in Communion with.

“Sharing has a Sweetness and Wonder all it’s own.” — Sharing…the Heart of the Matter.

If this appeals to You, any You out there, share an earnest heart-pressure with me, and see where it goes. Inevitably, from experience, where it begins is not where it ends. We will Dance-With-Life.



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