Automated Machine Learning — A Paradigm Shift That Accelerates Data Scientist Productivity @ Airbnb
Hamel Husain

Interesting article indeed. And yes, it is great to see Auto ML getting some traction in the DS community as it cuts down the not so exciting part of a DS role (heavy scripting for data prep’ and feature engineering, hyper-parameters tuning) to then get more into the really interesting part (surface meaningful and reliable predictive insights, iterate with business stakeholders to address the pain and deliver a model that devops integrate seamlessly). There is one part that, I feel, is not explicitly mentioned in this good post which is the need to leverage the cloud. This is one of the reason got ported onto AWS marketplace (disclaimer: I am part of the team). The usual pains related to selecting, installing, validating the right auto ML solution are addressed by using a solution that can simply be activated in a couple of clicks on the AWS marketplace. Another technical hurdle that is removed and, again, helps DS focus on what they are good at.

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