4 stages of entrepreneurship from my experience.


This is where most of us remain, we dream of big goals, success, rewards. Those Friday night bar talks about what sector you’re going to revolutionise with the latest tech innovation or whatever visionary idea you have. Unfortunately the majority of us stay in this cycle wishing on a star, waiting for the moment that never arrives.

Imposter syndrome

This is when you get things into gear, making that first sale is the toughest. You question your competence, “am I good enough?, can I even do this?, maybe I’m not made for this”. This gets us all, especially if you venture into a sector where the level of entry is set very high .

Suicide mission

At this stage you’ve accepted that you’ll never be the next big thing, rather your aim is to survive at all cost. Usually an entrepreneur reaches this stage when they are breaking even or as it was for me when you realised you’ve spent thousands of hours & lots of money invested in this venture. At this point you’ve accepted that there’s no going back and you’d rather crash and burn than give up. I call this the Ayrton Senna effect.

Golden Zone

The age of no return, as an entrepreneur picturing myself working for someone else is almost as hard as picturing what life would be like without oxygen, water or all the things we now take for granted.


These 4 steps are what I’ve experienced so far as an entrepreneur, there’s probably more but one thing I know for a fact Is i cannot see myself working for a anybodyvother than my self, which is a little ironic considering as an entrepreneur you’re always at someone’s service but the beauty of it is the freedom. The ability to say yes or no, the borderline unhealthy obsession we develop over the years towards our business. I can only hope many more get to experience this insane lifestyle that takes so much from us emotionally but enrich us 10x by building up our self esteem & character.