Well said.
Peter Leyden

Having read the article and agreed with it, largely, and also agreed with the challenges and comments to it , i would like to say that none of them are in argument with each other. The way to make this old order lose power is to hold each other up and for those who care to reach out to those who do not have the means to cope alone, who are more vulnerable. There is nothing stronger than a community of vulnerable people who group together and join forces, who support each other. In that way we can all become so much stronger than any one of us ever can be alone. I am glad that California provides a beacon of hope although USA is not the only country on the planet. and there are many more examples across the globe of just such progress being made through the process of opening up dialogues and showing love and compassion to all those around us. I live on the Isle of Wight in UK, — the original one — and we have a community which largely voted Brexit but the stronger voices amongst us are grouping together to create a force for caring for the homeless and hungry that live here too, apolitically in many cases. We need to open our hearts, each one of us and ask what do I have that I dont need right now and which I can share to help those who are not surviving as well, so that they may be lifted out of this right wing mire and stand strong with me in gentle and quiet protest. IN the TAROT, the archetypal approach to it as Jung advocated it, there is a card called the Tower, which shows a tall tower being broken down and many people falling from the top of it, those people being the ones who built it so tall in the first place, a metaphor for those who have built the highest will fall the farthest whilst those who stay on the grounded , the grounded ones have nowhere to fall from and thus are able to continue. If we are talking in re-framed interpretations and metaphors to explain this current series of events, then we must all stay grounded in necessity and not fear or greed , we must all be as unlike those who build too high as we possibly can, we must live sustainably and take in those who are persecuted and threatened by this regime and give them shelter and allow them to share their wonderful gifts of themselves with us. If we all who believe this can truly pull together we will prove that we are far more powerful than any trump tower building patriarcy can ever be. (a reminder that Trump also means passing hot air from behind — in england anyway lol) But we need to open our own hearts, each one of us , and see what we can do to draw back from the nightmare they represent. So yes bring it on but make sure we are prepared to stand together and succour each other in that process, that way we can also light the route forward to this utopian future suggested above

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