How We REALLY Deal with Climate Crisis
Joe Brewer

I have always felt or should I say intuitively known that it was terribly important to know how to each grow our own food and I keep bees and chickens too. Just a simple skill like seed collecting and growing repeatedly, selecting which crops to grow and why etc, all such valuable information that has been lost or converted into a consumeristic trend based on fads for certain plants, creating styles of gardens etc, just more fashion trends and spend spend spend, pollute and kill even to have a garden when in reality we need just to know how to live well and be as independent as possible and live alongside our home planet, work with her to feed ourselves and to live well so that all things may thrive the better including ourselves. I think I have felt your points above since I was very young, knowing them gnostically as it were. Thank you for the clarity and the optimism, I share that too, I almost hope it will all collapse sooner rather than later and let us get on with the rebuilding

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