The Climate “Doomsday” is Already Here
Joe Brewer

It takes a massive cognitive shift for most people to be able to see in these larger scale inter-connectedness terms, a shift that needs people to stop thinking of self interest on the local scale and think self interest on the global scale, but most people do not have a mind that is sufficiently educated or open to cope with this. They deny because they are overwhelmed buy the enormity of the potential outcomes and because they have so much ‘self/ ego’ invested in their current life style that they cannot let it go. Yes I agree it is willful blindness on the part of the multi-nationals and politicians. Yes there is little we can do to reverse this process up to where we currently have released it all already. what we need to do is band together and continue to build a credible counter balance to the deniers so that we can all tip the balance of belief towards a more realistic perception. Don’t stop engaging with deniers just because it is exhaustively frustrating but DO develop styles of communication that enable those people to accept the truth without feeling overwhelmed and afraid of it. It is fear of change and overburdened responsibility that puts people off more often than not, plus confusion of misinformation. we can do something about that although it is not easy. We just need our voices to become the louder and most convincing to those who do not want to be convinced. There will always be some who cannot see but once they are in the minority they wont matter. It is communication skills and not facts that need to be brought in. Oh and perhaps a few law suits crowdfunded against media that refuse to paint an honest and full picture of it all so the rule of misinformation can be ended too.

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