Why I Feel Like Shit, Even When It Doesn’t Stink
Ezinne Ukoha

What we consume in life will be what our reality becomes made of. If you wallow in the shit of life you will only see shit and know shit and feel shit. The trouble is that if you only live here you also contribute to the build up of shit lol. There has only ever been shit in this life in equal quantity to light and kindness and happiness and goodness. But if you shut yourself into a half world that is only darkness then that is all you can see. We are in the death throes of an old world system and that old system is become ever more strident in its attempt to hold on to that past. Learning to let go is one of the most important skills we can ever develop in life. Living in the moment, living with a foot in each camp of good and shit, learning to accept that shit is part of life and learning to embrace it — to love it even — that disempowers the shit and turns it into beautiful manure in which the most beautiful roses will grow, the most nutritious food will grow. So don’t wallow in shit too long but allow it to evolve into the wisdom that allows things of beauty in this world to flourish and your heart will sing out inspite of all the shit there is around lol, because you will just see it as the fertilizer it is, for understanding to grow, for compassion to develop, and for kindness to triumph. BE happy in spite of the shit — that is the best revenge, never let it get you down, show shit that it is powerless unless it becomes fertilizer and know deeply — that is its only true power, that is its purpose in life, it just takes some time to break down into the best fertilizer.

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