Save Me!
Mike Essig

yes indeed I agree with the lists of what you must do to fix your life, but you can also change your life by changing your relationship with yourself. In my experience listicles don’t do this but a deep reflective meditative practice does. It is less about changing who you already are and revealing who you are to yourself without the layers of nonsense we all collect along the way, Strip that back and voila there you are after all. Most people do not understand that concept, it is always doing something new or more or extra, not taking something away that they need to do, takeaways of the collective crap of who each of us is, what we are worth and such like notions when all we have to do is simply be. As ever lovely and yes mike when I have sold my expensive house and got some spare cash I may order one of your poetry books from amazon or something like that if they have some of these here that you share with us in it.

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