Courtesy of Probably © Taylor Swift.

I can’t believe I’m about to write another post on Medium to the tune of Taylor Swift lyrics from We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, but they are weirdly apropos for any discussion of the UK’s relationship with the EU… so here we go.

Can the UK revoke its Article 50 TEU notification? The CJEU ruled yesterday that yes, it can. Unconditionally, even: the EU27 can’t set up a number of hoops for the UK to jump through.

The CJEU didn’t go down the path taken by the Advocate General, who suggested that revoking notification would have to be…

We are never, ever, ever getting back together… or are we? The CJEU.

Yesterday, I attempted to tweet something pretty complex in a minimal word count; it was very off-the-cuff and lacked in references, and echoed a very informal opinion I had for a whole five minutes before I put it up on the internet. … and then many people read it, and various of them told me that I’d missed some of/all of point.

It’s a professional hallmark to never forego an opportunity to waffle on about technical legal detail, and for the purposes of making sure I actually caught ‘the detail’ this time, I thought I’d best go back to long…

Dr. Sylvia de Mars

Academic at Newcastle University; reluctant ‘expert’ in EU law, trade law, and UK/US constitutional law. (Mediocre Tweeter.)

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