And then life happened…

I participate in a few online writing groups — designed to encourage, teach, promote, share, distract, and challenge one another as we go about the business of figuring out “how” we write. For every person taking up a pen, there is a process and no two writers employ the same methods. Yes, there are similarities, guidelines, superstitions even. Yet as much as we are the same, we are different.

And that’s okay! There are as many anecdotes about the process as there are storytellers.

In other words, there’s no “wrong” way to be a writer. The majority of us will not write a best-selling epic that will live long after we have passed. Most of us will not become “household names” or guests on TV talk shows. Only a few will earn enough to live on solely from our writing. Yet, we are still writers, every bit as much as Stephen King (my favorite and super prolific!), Harper Lee (who only needed one book to make her a legend), or Ernest Hemingway (controversial at best).

Several of us in one of my groups had accepted a challenge to post here every day throughout the month of May. For me, that didn’t happen. Life happened instead. Nothing dramatic, nothing earth-shattering, nothing amazing. Just… life… in its most mundane glory.

My husband and I adopted a puppy in April, and Rosey is quite the handful! She enjoys chewing. Mostly, she sleeps, she eats, and… well, she “uneats” to borrow a word from an episode of Monk. Tom actually has a full-time job that pays the bills, buys the groceries, keeps me in fountain pens… so, since I’m a “homemaker” by fiduciary decree (that’s a tale for another day), I have my share of time chasing the puppy. It doesn’t interfere with my writing, just… I’m not writing as much when I’m running around after a little black tornado!

Like I said, life happened.

I have accepted a challenge to post to Medium each day for thirty days (well, maybe thirty posts in thirty-five days!) as part of the Ninja Writers May Post-A-Day Challenge. If you enjoyed this, I would ❤ a “recommend heart” from you. In addition to the writing I do for submissions, exercises, letters, texts, emails, and my regular (but neglected) blog here, this is quite an undertaking; one I have been assured is doable! I have a “writing buddy” who is encouraging, funny, and talented! She helps me stay on track. (Are you listening, Song? That’s YOU!) At the very least, I am honing my craft as a writer and hope to entertain, encourage, or educate you in the process! Thank you for reading!

Please feel free to join me in my journey! I am learning as I go and welcome your comments. Send me a Tweet @sylviah_s!

Coming soon — An author’s page!

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