Another Taco Tuesday

This is a new “medium” for me, and one that I am excited to learn! At this point, however, it’s a tool with which I am not yet familiar. It’s like a pianist learning to play the organ — a lot of things are familiar! But it’s NOT the same! I love organ music for church, but I prefer playing the piano. So, while I’m a competent typist — and IMHO — a decent writer, there are still cool things to figure out about Medium!

That being said, it’s Taco Tuesday! yay! I don’t think we’re having tacos today; my week is out of whack since I’m “wounded” (and milking the injury for all it’s worth!) and Tom has resumed kitchen duty. Which gives me time to think on other things… I love being a homemaker (who knew?) but I think we all need a little time away from our jobs on occasion. I would have preferred taking time off without cutting my hand, but it is what it is. We make the most of the opportunities we have regardless of how they come about.

Which reminds me of a young writer in one of the groups to which I belong. My vision board says, “Counting our blessings & living our dreams.” We are very blessed, and we are living our dreams. It breaks my heart to learn of this young, creative soul in torment — and as I offer up a prayer for that family, I also offer thanks for mine. The opportunities to create are limitless, but sometimes, life interferes with that process — I’m hopeful that this person will store these bitter experiences for future projects and remember these depths of despair when the future blooms brighter.

I do have work to do… not just laundry and writing exercises, but I wanted to take a minute to pop in here, read a few interesting stories, and practice :) After all, practice… and all that jazz. Just sayin’…

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