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Autocorrect is not you’re friend!

photo by William Iven

Did you see that? It’s wrong! But since “you’re” is a correct English word (contraction for “you are”) Autocorrect did not recognize that I meant to say “your” meaning the friend that is associated with you. I didn’t even have to type the entire word before the word processing program filled it in. It happens even more frequently on my phone! Unfortunately for me, it filled in the WRONG homophone! And you know how I feel about incorrect homophones.

Back in the day, when cellphones were less ubiquitous than they are today, and texting was really new, those flip phones were like magic! The technology was not exactly what we expected growing up watching Star Trek — texting was a new skill to learn. And frankly, some of the words we use are awkward to type using a number keypad. I wanted to change my name! But that’s a tale for another day. Now, I don’t know who invented “text speak” or whatever you like to call it, but at that time, we thought it was gr8! C what I did?

There are so many abbreviations in texting, I think sometimes we forget how to spell. I know there are times I have to look up a word to be sure I’m typing it correctly! “Thru” immediately comes to mind as a texting shortcut… is it “through” or “threw” that I’m trying to text? Those pesky homophones! So F U C a typo, please let me know! (OH MY GOODNESS! Now, that message might be deemed offensive if you were texting, say, my MOM! Fortunately, she is holding out and is not a member of the electronics-carrying club yet).

But relying on spellcheck isn’t always helpful, either. New phones and many word processing programs (and apps and websites) have features to learn the words you use — whether or not they’re spelled correctly — and predict what they “think” you mean to type. It’s very handy, especially if you’re a soccer mom or other individual with no blank dates in your calendar, to have one less detail to deal with. If I’m your friend/mom/spouse — I get it! So if I get a text from you that says “runn l8. C U 2moro” I will understand that you are running late, and I will see you tomorrow.

photo by Chris Adamus

My daughter-in-law is one of those moms — three active kiddos, a full-time job, university classes, family, church, and my kid for a spouse! She signs things “❤ M@ & K8” which I figured out pretty quickly is, “Love, Matt and Kate.” Sweet!

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