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16 October 2017

Dear Universe,

What a great day! The little things are so personal, so unassuming, and we often overlook them. But any achievement should be heralded, yes? Especially when there are so many dark events threatening to overwhelm us. So today, as trite as it may be, I am celebrating a few little things!

Some of the love shared with me!

First, I’m enjoying birthday cards and greetings from the weekend. It’s not every day one turns 60, so I intend to celebrate all month long!

In one of my Facebook groups, a few of us are participating in a challenge to sensibly lose weight. As of today, I’ve lost 2.6 pounds this month! For most people, 2.6 pounds would be negligible. For ME, it’s monumental! I’m freakin’ sixty years old people, and not nearly as bendy as I once was! I haven’t taken drastic deprivation measures — I enjoyed an Oktoberfest potluck, two ice cream socials, and of course, the birthday feast! So if you employ little old lady logic (i.e., I didn’t GAIN weight) I declare my 2.6 pounds as equivalent to ten!

It’s exciting to win!

In another group, I won a Flash Fiction challenge! The point of the exercise was to evoke an emotional response in the reader.

I’m moved that the judges deemed my offering worthy of their challenge. I’m so grateful for their encouragement. I may become a fiction writer yet!

Speaking of writing — if it’s not on the stands yet it soon will be — I wrote an article for Focus on Artesia magazine this quarter! If you’re in New Mexico, you might pick up a copy. If not, you can check out the e-version at when it’s available: in the meantime, browse past issues. I’ve written articles in several of them!

Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash

The little things give me energy, hope, and the will to carry on. Yet, there are people who seem to revel in their misery. I am sad for them.

It’s easy to acknowledge the turmoil beating at your door and fail to notice a tiny beam of sunshine.

At the risk of sounding like “Pollyanna Stepford” I truly embrace the innumerable blessings in my life. Gather bouquets of gratitude to make the inevitable lows a little more bearable.

We can go one step beyond simple appreciation by sharing… a smile, a letter, a heartfelt text message… I think even at our lowest, we can summon up an emoji to send to someone who may need a reminder that they are valued, that they are loved. So, dear Universe, ❤.

Until next,


Consider this an exercise in finding positives in an increasingly negative world. Your applause is well and truly appreciated ❤

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