What happened to July?

So many items in my calendar!

Where did it go? I know it was busy: Tom had a birthday, it was July 4th, Lansden had a birthday, Rosey had puppy school, there were FIVE Sundays, Tom’s diocese elected a new bishop… but is life really that complicated? I have exactly the same number of hours in a day everyone else does.

I procrastinate. Those who know me will not be shocked. It’s true. I respond well to deadlines, but left to my own devices, I will lollygag, I will dillydally, I will find a million other things that need my attention right now! Laundry won’t fold itself, you know!

Today, I’m resolved to productivity; I didn’t get an email rejection today, so no pity party for me. Not that the one I got yesterday was unexpected; but I was hopeful it would be “congratulations, where do we send the check?” rather than, “…competition was very tough and I didn’t feel it was quite horrifying/unpleasant enough…”.

So I spent my Monday doing homemaker things — like Laundry — and eating graham crackers. Today, however, I needed to pull up my BGP, and write. An editor in New Mexico invited me to write a piece for her magazine, so no fretting about whether it will be accepted. And I have a deadline. I should be writing that instead of this. But, you know… procrastinator.


On the other hand, the ideas for that are bubbling like a pot of green chile stew, and I’m having a lot of fun letting them simmer.

In the meantime, I looked to see when I had posted something here (actually, I got new boots so I wanted to share my old “Boots” post) and noticed that the entire month of July has elapsed! I had one post in The Crazy Cat Lady Photoblog. Nothing else.

Who could refuse this mournful face?

I guess it all comes down to our choices, doesn’t it? Some people choose to get up early, write, read, get ready for work, and work all day. Some people choose to sleep late, play Words with Friends, and spoil the cat (seriously, he likes the gravy in the little pouches of food, so I am serving gravy to a cat a million times a day!). Oh. Yeah. That would be me. I’m choosing not to write an award-winning best-selling treatise of life as a minister’s wife… but that’s a tale for another day. I’m not sure who would read it, but everyday life is more lively than anything that would fall under the “treatise” category.

So, I’ll write fun things on Medium for myself (and hope they make you smile), I’ll write the article for Focus (I hope the people in New Mexico enjoy it), I’ll write short stories to submit, letters to my mom, and grocery lists. I need onions. It’s taco Tuesday.

Thank you for reading! If you enjoyed this piece, please leave me a❤ or applaud! I’m fairly new to Medium; I’m also writing for outside submissions, and my regular (but neglected) blog. In honing my craft as a writer, I hope you will find my efforts entertaining.

P.S. Please join me in my journey! I am learning as I go, and welcome your comments here or send me a Tweet @sylviah_s!

P.S.S. Coming soon — An author’s page! (no one knows HOW soon, but it’s coming!)

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