How Pinterest Grew My Blog to 200K Page Views in 3 Months

I’ve been blogging in some capacity for 10+ years. My first personal blog was called, “I Like Her Style!” and covered style and beauty tips for 20-something bougie gals like myself! I knew nothing of blogging at the time but it was ok, back then I only had to focus on the blog as social media didn’t exist.

Then I was charged with launching the blog for an organization I worked for as well as beginning my freelance writing career for the now defunct Both were great learning experiences as I learned how to create content from within an organization as opposed to by myself. They had more money and resources to put behind their blogs so I got to try cool things like Google Ads.

When I finally launched my most successful blog/media site in 2014, social media had exploded and it was overwhelming at first. Now not only did I have to manage the blog, but 5 social media platforms in addition. It was a major adjustment for me. I had never had to spread myself so thin. I was used to just focusing on content creation. I quickly learned that I needed to direct my attention to one or two social platforms and build from there (a future blog post on this is to come).

I decided that Instagram and Pinterest would be my main social platforms. They focus on visuals (images and videos) and when you run a beauty and hair site that is super important. Both social followings grew but I noticed that while Instagram was obtaining more followers, Pinterest was driving an alarming amount of traffic to my site!

I did more research and realized there was a business version of Pinterest that I wasn’t leveraging. By converting, this would give me access to analytics and ads. Once I started using Pinterest for Business I could track the pins that were doing the best and recreate similar pins and/or topics that were resonating with my followers on Pinterest. Traffic grew from about 30,000 page views per month to 200K page views per month witin 3 months of converting!

The great thing about Pinterest is that people don’t have to follow you to see your pins. Once one of your followers re-pins it they’ve exposed it to their followers… and so on and so on!

Also pins can have a website attached to them so that someone can click a pin and go straight to your site. These are what are called “rich pins”. Rich pins are definitely a must. Once enabled, rich pins always attribute your pins to your site regardless of who repins them. See an image of a rich pin below…

Learn how to switch from a business to personal in Pinterest and more importantly why!

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Originally published at on September 14, 2017.

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