What does having an effective information radiator look like?

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Data-driven decision making is one of the many buzzwords heard often in recent times, with it garnering praises that highlights the potential benefits when correctly utilised. In SP Digital, we can attest to this ever since we embarked on using Data to improve our product delivery teams’ effectiveness. 😉

In a typical agile product delivery team, a myriad of tracking tools are used in products/projects when running builds, managing releases, version control, code quality and test coverage. Each of these tools provide feedback via a proprietary dashboard or a set of customisable metrics. The real challenge has emerged:

How can we aggregate all these information to evaluate the overall landscape of the team’s current state? …


I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering. I had a diploma in Biomedical Informatics and Engineering. I am in the robotics team during secondary school. I am surrounded by code for the largest part of my life. I worked for ten years as a business analyst, project manager as such. I used to wonder why I didn’t spend my first couple of years as a developer. The only codes I wrote are for hobby projects and whatever makes me happy.

I didn’t code much because:

  • I never really get the chance to do much technical work
  • It seems like my career is geared towards less technical…

Inspired by Go Proverbs, I recognize that simple, poetic, pithy sentences are a simpler way to communicate and remember the agile philosophy.

Get up and talk to people.

Keep a document up to date or destroy it.

Your requirements will represent part of the product value and success.

Model to have a conversation, not specifications.

Flexibility is not building for every possibility; it is having as little to change as possible.

Whoever finds a problem, know enough to design a solution.

Big changes cause big problems.

Run small experiments, and examine the results.

Respond based on what you observe, not follow a plan. …


Sylvia Ng

Adventure lover in the realm of design, tech and media. Talk to me about #agile, #productmgmt, #ux, #people, #process, #culture.

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