I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering. I had a diploma in Biomedical Informatics and Engineering. I am in the robotics team during secondary school. I am surrounded by code for the largest part of my life. I worked for ten years as a business analyst, project manager…

Inspired by Go Proverbs, I recognize that simple, poetic, pithy sentences are a simpler way to communicate and remember the agile philosophy.

Get up and talk to people.

Keep a document up to date or destroy it.

Your requirements will represent part of the product value and success.

Model to…

Don’t know where to start? Well here’s a few things you can do to ensure that you get the most out of your meeting.


Over the years, we’ve observed two bad practices clients commonly make when approaching potential agencies and studios:

  1. Window shopping for quotations with no relevant background information on the project brief.
  2. Requesting for an immediate meeting without providing background information on their projects.

These approaches fail to give us a good…

Sylvia Ng

Adventure lover in the realm of design and tech. Talk to me about #agile, #productmgmt, #ux, #people, #process, #culture.

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