Julián Castro: 365 Days at the Department of Opportunity
Julián Castro

Juli`an, These pictures are wonderful. Thank you. I can use them on Facebook. Sir, In North Carolina, Davidson Country — the Hud program is not managed well, a woman named Beverly acts irresponsibly and has really hurt Seniors in their efforts to try and finance their homes at an affordable interest rate. This particular individual does not act responsibly. She takes no time to explain critical information, especially about what needs to happen next, then next for the Senior in order to successfully manage their mortgage company, what to do, what not to do has been a real problem. I know, Juli`an. I have been involved too many times, but unfortunately too late. In one case the Senior had Excellent credit — their association with Hud and the outcome with the mortgage company left them behind in their payments and they then had to borrow money to bring their payments forward. When this was done, it still was too late and the mortgage company put this on their credit. It will take another year before they can apply for any kind of help on their payment so that they pay less each month. This couple could not purchase food — They were further in debt and now could not receive any kind of help on their mortgage payments. My awareness in this situation has cost our Foundation funds that are needed at this time for the many needs of Seniors in Davidson County. Sylvia P. Coley FOUNDATION for Responsible Governance and Crisis Response. Due the actions of the Hud office here, the impact affects our ability to help all that need assistance. Thank you for listening. Sylvia P. Coley

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