What’s her argument here?
val pressman

Hey Val, I think you may have missed the point. The argument is that my choice was made on an assessment of character and values. I cited specific examples to support my decision, of which supporting Bernie was a significant example of doing something completely politically non-expedient. That takes a LOT of character to do as a political figure and served also to dispel the narrative that everything he does is self-serving and politically calculated. It’s not the fact that he supported Bernie. It’s what doing so at the time he did, says about him.

By contrast, Joe Bray took the first opportunity to be politically expedient in his acceptance of O’Farrell’s endorsement-a fact that he admitted to someone at a candidate forum.

Aside from the fact that I doubt you know enough about my background to comment on it, I find it a little ironic that you accuse me of being a bourgeois liberal in my analysis, whereby I decided to support the Latino progressive from a lower working class background over a more privileged younger man with far more access to opportunity by the mere fact that he was born to a highly educated, upwardly mobile family.

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