I am a former CD1 Council Candidate. I have spoken w 1,000s in CD1.
Luca de Sanctis Barton

Hi Luca. Appreciate your perspective but I can’t be “wrong” when I wrote an opinion piece based on my own experiences and point of view. It comes down to what criteria folks want to use to make their decision. I explained mine quite thoroughly and also never said Cedillo was perfect.

Joe Bray doesn’t have a record to be held accountable to so he is free to make whatever promises he wants. The ONLY thing that he has to prove, or more accurately he cannot disprove, is his trustworthiness. Without it- all those promises are vapid. He has broken that trust in so many different ways that to me in the end, it doesn’t matter what he says. He may as well be promising everyone puppies and rainbows.

Look, I appreciate what Joe’s presence in the race has done to engage the candidates and the constituency on issues, and I can also appreciate his passion for what matters to him. He has a lot of qualities. But there are core qualities one needs as a council member, especially if you are running as the grassroots “alternative” and too, too many anecdotes that call his character into question to explain it all away. Where there is smoke, there is usually fire…and this ship is a burnin’.

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