Life feels different when you choose to pay attention to small details of artefacts, objects and moments that comprise human experience. Through attention, your lived experience of the typical day changes radically. It is a different way of living when you shift from a mindset of relentlessly ticking things off from your to-do list and instead; stop, pause and ponder to allow for important questions to emerge. What do I want to make? What mark will I leave on the world? Why does this matter to me? Who do I want to be?

A woman feeling the textures of a tomato plant bearing small yellow flowers
A woman feeling the textures of a tomato plant bearing small yellow flowers
Picture by Ahmed Shuja

Nature’s therapeutic and healing properties provide a vast resource to humans to connect with the deepest parts of themselves and mother earth. Spending some hours or minutes of quality time in nature, during a silent walk or a hike, can help you transcend into a state of awe. Nature has inspired a global state of awe in humans since the beginning of time. Long before sitting endlessly in front of machines and being fast and efficient became the norm, we let her heal us and help us see beyond the immediate. …

One of the best decisions I have made in the past few weeks was to attend the Fuckup Night Brisbane. Hearing the speakers honestly talk about their fuckups on the Fuckup Night was a refreshing experience of a new and much needed kind. Why do we obsess so much over success? Though it is failure through which we often learn hard and amazing lessons, which cannot be taught at university, and reading a book on failures cannot prepare you for one.

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Failure is a superpower but people don’t realise it. When we fail, we tend to slow things down a bit, stop and notice things, and hopefully even become mindful. …


Syma Ahmed

A Marketer on a mission to make ‘awethenticity’ the new currency. Mental health advocate. Founder of Awesome & Authentic.

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