Faster, Cheaper, Wider: Introducing SIS Octopool

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3 min readOct 4, 2023

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, innovation never sleeps. A wave of excitement is sweeping the industry as cutting-edge bridging technologies are ushering in a new era of seamless and cost-effective swaps. These advancements are not just about transactions; they signify a transformation in how we perceive and engage with digital assets.

Today, Symbiosis is bringing you the SIS Octopool: a brand new instrument for making your swaps. We take pride in leveraging the cutting-edge SIS bridging technology to enhance our clients’ experience. By seamlessly integrating bridging into our platform, we empower our users to navigate the complexities of multiple networks effortlessly. Your swaps are now faster, cheaper, and wider than ever!

Using the Octopool technology eliminates all intermediary steps typically involved in making swaps, streamlining the process significantly. We show this right in the swap window: where you once had to navigate through an ETH transition, the bridge now enables direct swaps! This eliminates the need for additional gas fees and ensures faster, more reliable transactions. Experience seamless and cost-effective swaps, simplified through the power of Octopool technology 🚀

Here is a long route involving transferring your swap into the ETH realm. Gonna take some gas and additional commissions on DEXes, huh?
And here what you get when using the Octopool! Brighes were just meant to save time and efforts.

See the result for yourselves: here is how the rates change. Isn’t it thrilling? In this case, swapping through SIS Octopool, as shown in the screenshots, will yield you an addition of 9.3889 tokens. Naturally, the larger the swap, the more benefits it brings your way.

You get 88.5481 out of the ordinary swap. Could’ve been better, for real.
Right to it! + 9.3889 for you.

Symbiosis makes BaaS (Bridge as a Service) to a completely new level. We now offer rapid and secure token transfers across various chains, working seamlessly with tokens deployed from multiple platforms. With the ability to bridge tokens across 17 chains, Symbiosis users enjoy unparalleled flexibility and convenience. Moreover, our projects can independently secure liquidity. This innovation not only simplifies processes but also inspires confidence, fostering a dynamic and user-friendly crypto environment for all of us.

Join us on this way to the depths of the blockchain! The Octopool is waiting for you 🐙



Symbiosis 👾

Symbiosis is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol. Best rates for any to any token swaps. EVM and non-EVM networks supported.