Dr. L.M. Dayananda: Plastic surgeon in Nashik

Dr. L.M Dayananda is the best Plastic Surgeon in Nashik, he has relevant hands on experience in Plastic and Cosmetic surgery. He has completed his special training in Plastic surgery from Grant Medical College & J.J Hospital (Mumbai). Dr. L.M Dayananda is also trained in Microvascular surgery, Ganga Hosp (Coimbatore). He is one of the top Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons in Nashik. He is been practicing since last 20 years. Currently he offers Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery at Symphony Clinics, Nashik.

Symphony Clinics in Nashik is the brainchild of Dr. L.M Dayananda, which is specialized in providing cosmetic surgery since 20 years. Its specialties are hair transplant, nose surgery, liposuction treatments, laser treatments & almost all types of cosmetic surgeries. The availability of all facilities under one roof at Symphony Clinics makes the treatment procedures safe.

Planning to undergo Plastic Surgery? Give a visit to Symphony Clinics, Nashik.

It is very important to select an experienced & qualified plastic surgeon. Symphony Clinics in Nashik combines the most advanced surgical technology with a personalized approach designed for optimal results and patient satisfaction.

Our services include:

· Breast Surgeries

· Liposuction

· Nose Surgeries

· Eye Lid Surgeries

· Hair Transplantation

· Finger, Hand & Microvascular Surgeries

· Reimplantation of Amputated Parts

· Vascular & Nerve Injuries

· Face Injuries

· Faciomaxillary Injuries

· Face Bone Fractures

· Congenital Anomalies

· Cleft,Lip & Palate Anomalies

· Eyes, Nose & Ear Anomalies

· Hand Anomalies

· Cancer Reconstruction

· All types of Trauma Reconstruction