Wrote this in the days post Akhlaq’s lynching. Things have only gotten worse and today we are told nobody killed Pehlu Khan. We should hang our heads in shame :(

The headlines made me flinch

An innocent in Dadri had been lynched

His crime?

Well — he struggled to make ends meet

But it was Eid and his family deserved a treat

So with his savings for the week

He bought them a piece of meat

Over the weekend though an insidious rumour spread

Not just a cow but humanity in the village seemed to be dead

From the temple came a clarion call

Venom spewed blinding them all

A ‘virtuous’ mob collected

The voice of sanity rejected

The family looked on in dread

As vultures circled overhead

A carcass was all the proof they needed

No amount of pleading was heeded

In a blink friend’s turned foe

Friendship fostered over centuries, in a murderous rage — let go

In the name of their holy gods

They hit him with iron rods

He was trampled under their feet

All for having eaten some meat

Hearing the din, the purveyors of justice finally arrived but it was too late

An innocent man had been killed by unreasoned hate

As if his death wasn’t enough — they now lynched his soul

Vultures ‘enlightened’ the world on why they went out of control

The meat he ate they claimed was bovine

Didn’t he know that for ‘us’ — the majority — that’s divine?

In Dadri it wasn’t a human being that died but the very idea of being human