The only way to get a .sppkg package into SharePoint Online is as a SharePoint administrator. Gone are the luxuries of site owners being able to upload sandboxed solutions or add-ins from the Office Store. The main reason for raising the bar to administrators only is permissions, much like the original full trust solution model.
What Administrators need to know about the SharePoint Framework
Jeremy Thake

And this is my huge concern. In small shops where the developer is the administrator is the user, the process will be no process: big win.

In large organizations where the admins and developers are separate — sometimes by departments or geographies — and probably spend next to no time with actual users, I expect SPFx will mean SharePoint will be less and less useful, even if one can see it on a phone.

We seem to be losing the concept of trust and working for the good of our organizations in all this security rhetoric. Yes, the world is changing, but the majority — I would venture it’s 99.a-bunch-of-nines-% — of the people adding script to pages are trying to get their damn work done better. That’s the goal of a collaboration platform: working together better.

Let’s hope usefulness of the platform doesn’t erode to the point that people look elsewhere.

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