You’re Not Voting For Hillary To Protect Me
Morgana Visser

I’m a trans woman. I did not support Sanders, even though I did like him at first, because I thought his focus was far too narrow to make a good president and his voice will do more good in the Senate. I most certainly do not support Stein, a vain and self-serving opportunist who panders to the left’s lunatic fringe of anti-vaxxer, anti-GMO and so-called “gender critical feminism” (you know, TERFs).

I will vote for Hillary because she’s the only real, pragmatic choice.

Mathematically, there are only two possibilities for our next President. Stein and Johnson are non-entities. They will be nothing but spoilers. This isn’t due to any special corruption in the system, but a consequence of its design; first-past-the-post voting inevitably leads to two-party dominance.

One of these possible candidates is capable of doing the job they’re trying to get. The other is not. This choice really isn’t a choice at all.

I don’t vote to make a moral or philosophical statement. I vote to further outcomes. I don’t think Clinton is perfect, nor do I think she’ll be a great leader, but I do think she can do the job. I know Trump can’t.

I won’t tell people that my vote is meant to protect marginalized people, or to make a grand political declaration. I don’t think everyone who refuses to vote for Hillary is privileged; clearly there are a lot of marginalized people out there who won’t vote for her for various reasons, including you.

I don’t see a vote like that, though. It’s none of those things. It’s meant to select a person to do a job. To that end, I do think that anyone who refuses to vote for Hillary is de facto aiding in the election of Trump.

In a perfect world, I’d pick someone else over Clinton. Someone better. There are lots of better people, but none of them can be President. Only she can, or Trump can. Nobody else can. Stein can’t. Johnson can’t. Voting for either of them diminishes the strength of the viable candidate most like them.

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