The pure path to creativity and unique inspiration is — by definition — based on collaboration. Its the feeling of contributing and being part of something something bigger than ourselves.

So our way to happiness is not to do what we studied -
Its to do what we are BORN for!

What drives me — kicks my ass out of bed at 3 am and what gets me through the setbacks of the learning process is one thing:


Its the fire that lights up my mind and opens it to not only imagine beyond — but to eliminate the edge of whats possible.

It isnt a restriction.
The creative gap between the picture in my mind and the one I capture is there to be faced, analysed and finally, closed!

To overcome these barriers there is no vacation — no day of. Because to be able to dream comes at a cost — and it will take the one commodity that we all have the same amount of…. TIME!

I believe greatness never happens by accident. EVER.

Its damn hard work to capture that fleeding moment — every moment, before it fades away into the past — and will be gone forever.

That means — if we are persistant — we may be able to create memories.
Its like a time machine — it takes us back whatever time in our life instantly — like a lightswitch.

The depth will make it possible to get lost in that world — where nothing matters but that moment.

We create memories for a lifetime — always in mind that even the smallest impluses — and if its just a fingertip pressing the button to unleash the shutter — can change everything.

I am incredibly grateful that i can do that for a living.
Why you ask?

Because beauty never asks for attention. Because it creates itself in silence — where you wont here a whisper. But when it strikes through and appears -
I will be right there — to tell the unfiltered story — before the context will change and blur!

But now its time to up the level! Its no longer about a growth of 10% — its time to grow the dedication 10 times.

Its gonna be a tough journey. But when you love something — you just have to go for it!

When I was 19 — I made a plan.
Now I am 29 — and nearly everything isnt crossed off my bucket list yet.
I will try to make myself proud — not in 10 years — but in 5.

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