Introducing Synapse Express

Add bank payments to your applications in a matter of seconds with our checkout widget.

Update: Synapse Express is a deprecated widget. Still looking for an easy tool? Check out our KYC Widget, Bank Logins Widget or Universal Login.

Today we’re introducing Synapse Express, a simple iFrame which allows developers to integrate with SynapsePay in seconds. With Synapse Express you no longer need to spend time tweaking your checkout UI or building backend API integrations. Just drop in the plugin; we handle the rest.

Getting started is easy:

Step 1: Drop in an iFrame

<iframe id="synapse_iframe"></iframe>

*Set the button id that launches the iFrame to ‘synapsepay’.

Step 2: Add our Javascript file

<script src=""></script>

Step 3: Initialize your environment

setupSynapseSite(‘your_client_id’, //client_id
     ‘your_client_secret’, //client_secret
     ‘your_seller_id’, //seller_id
     ‘full_name’, //user full_name
     ‘phone_number’, //phone_number
     ‘email’, //user email
     ‘amount’, //order amount
     ‘your_logo_url’ //logo url 120x120 for now

*Note: Contact us for iFrame specific client_id and client_secret.

Step 4: Set up a message receiver. This allows you to receive responses from the iFrame (such as order id). Learn more about event listeners.

window.addEventListener(‘message’, messageReceiver, false);

That’s it. Now you have a simple checkout process, complete with a searchable list of bank accounts and login fields. Enjoy your 25 cent transactions.

See it in action in the video below.

Questions? Leave us a note or shoot us an email at

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