New Feature Announcement: Wire Transfers

In an effort to expand your payment options, we’re excited to announce that you can now send domestic wire transfers using SynapsePay. This is in addition to our ACH payment option, bringing us one step closer to handling all your bank-to-bank payment needs.

Our pricing is simple: Inbound wires cost $3. Outbound wires cost $10. And our ACH transactions still cost a low fee of $0.25 (or $0.10 for transactions under $10).

Wire transfers are same-day transactions. They will not be processed on Banking Holidays or non-business days.

View our API docs for documentation on how to integrate wire transfers into your application (see: outbound wires & inbound wires). Note: If you are already integrated with our API, please let us know before you go live with wire transfers.

Questions? Email us at or create a ticket for support.

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