Expected Timeline for ACH Debit & Credit Transactions

Timeline for ACH Transactions

As a general rule, ACH debit takes 2–3 business days to settle, and ACH credit takes one business day. These transactions are processed by the ACH network in batches, which are submitted every business day at 2:30pm CST*. Order status is updated every business day at 1:30pm CST.

Want to speed up the process? Pre-fund your SynapsePay account and issue payouts from your SynapsePay balance in 1–2 days. We can also speed up the process if you hold a reserve with SynapsePay.

What does that mean for your transaction times? Here are three examples of typical use-cases:


Invoice.co facilitates a payment between YummyTacos and Freelance Fred.

  • YummyTacos’ payment hits Freelance Fred’s SynapsePay account in 2–3 days.
  • It will take an additional day to deposit FreelanceFred’s SynapsePay funds into his associated bank account.


Lawnmower.io connects lawnmowers with unmowed lawns. They want to pay their lawnmowers out at the end of the month.

  • Homeowners send payments to Lawnmower.io’s SynapsePay ‘escrow’ account. These payments take 2–3 days to settle.
  • At the end of the month, Lawnmower.io initiates a mass payment into their lawnmowers’ accounts. This takes 1 day to settle (assuming the funds are already in escrow).

Mass Payouts

ItsPayDay.com makes payroll payouts from their bank account.

  • ItsPayDay.com initiates a payout using our MassPay endpoint.
  • Funds take 2–3 days to load into ItsPayDay.com’s SynapsePay ‘escrow’ account.
  • It takes an additional day to make payouts into the fund recipients’ bank accounts.

Remember, money into SynapsePay: 2–3 days. Money out? 1 day.

Read more about transaction times with our guide to ACH or try it out yourself with our online dashboard.

*Note: batches are not submitted on bank holidays.

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