SynchroLife Replaces Search Feature with AI Recommendations, Say Goodbye to Time-Consuming Restaurant Search with the “AI Pick” Feature

Get artificial intelligence based recommendations by location or cuisine!

Press Release — April 4th, 2019 — Tokyo

GINKAN Inc., managing company of SynchroLife, the social restaurant review service with a token economy, has replaced the SynchroLife search function with a new “AI Pick” feature in the latest mobile app update. A new social timeline based on each individual user’s frequented areas and preferred restaurants titled “For You” has also been added. With this update SynchroLife aims to focus on the “recommendation” side of SynchroLife and make restaurant discovery faster and more intuitive than ever.

About the AI Pick Feature

Traditional restaurant search has been both time consuming and difficult for diners, offering a large number of results which diners then must pick and sort through to find their actual destination. SynchroLife’s AI Picks feature throws away the old search standard by recommending only the very best restaurants and allowing users to sort through them fast and simple with basic area and cuisine options.

SynchroLife’s AI Picks are based on which restaurants have attracted the most attention on SynchroLife’s social media app as well as which restaurants have the most users who want to visit again. Users can experience a new kind of restaurant discovery with SynchroLife’s simple but trustworthy recommendations and can enjoy picking the best of the best recommendations by picture.

AI Pick Feature Details

1. Get AI Picks for your current location with one tap!

Open the app, tap “AI Picks”, and SynchroLife’s AI will automatically guide you to the best restaurants near your location. SynchroLife analyzes which restaurants are popular on the SynchroLife social media as well as which restaurants have the most customers that want to repeat their dining experience so diners can reliably find good restaurant recommendations. By adjusting the selected areas and cuisines diners can also find trustworthy recommendations when traveling to new destinations as well!

2. Choose from the best pictures — like a food magazine!

SynchroLife’s photos are big and clear, making it easy to browse through photos to choose restaurants visually as if on a social media service. Restaurant pages have also been redesigned to highlight everyone’s photos and reviews!

3. A new standard “Repeat” rate

SynchroLife now shows a “repeat” rate, make it easy to see how many users who have been to a restaurant want to go again. You can trust a restaurant is good if people say they would go again, so this adds a new trustworthy element to SynchroLife’s recommendations!

About SynchroLife’s Restaurant Recommendation AI

SynchroLife is creating a database of the best restaurants from around Japan and the world by referencing the good restaurant experiences users share on our social media style review app, SynchroLife. SynchroLife analyzes the over 190,000 reviews as well as the community and user actions and view data to find the best recommendations for each individual user.

About SynchroLife

SynchroLife is a social restaurant discovery service that helps diners find good restaurants fast and reliably. The service is currently available for both iOS and Android smartphones in over 155 countries and four languages (Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese). The social media-style app interface encourages reviews of the best restaurants and experiences, creating a database of quality recommendations. SynchroLife then guides each individual user to the best restaurants as quickly as possible by learning their dining preferences and analyzing them with the preferences of other users.

SynchroLife is the world’s first restaurant discovery service to include a token economy and solves both restaurant search problems for diners and marketing problems for restaurants by rewarding core users with token rewards for reviews and diners with cashback rewards for their meals. SynchroLife aims to move from an O2O business model to a fintech business model while introducing cryptocurrency to the average consumer through the daily activity of dining out.

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