Can You Spare Any (climate)Change?

Yes, in France … where they’re Changing The Emotional Climate!

Two Men & A Baby — but it’s not a film.

One is 39, the other is 70.

One was elected out of left field, the other was “electored” in a perversely reactive mindfield.

One is married to his high school teacher, the other to his daughter (sorry).

One has ushered in a massive Cold Front to the halls of power which has sent chills down the spine of Media and Man alike, the other has thawed it with thoughts of global warming … and its multiculti heart.

Both are baby presidents of world powers but one distinguishes his youth from his intelligence, the other acts like an infant and speaks unintelligibly.

France has voted and the world has now noted. Only this time, there’s a sigh of relief and hope — regardless of which side of the international croissant you live on.

Many in the U.S. look at this election with a wistful longing, wondering how the storm system which blew in with such hopeful gusto wound up trumping them. And while it’s far too new to know how this latest French weather system will prevail, one thing is sure: Renewable Energy is up to everybody and boy do we need rebooting.

Les Francais have just inaugurated a very flavourful Mac(a)ron. And though his political prowess remains to be seen he’s a welcome and stark contrast to the chocolate cake of his American counterpart.

From the Me Generation to the We Generation to the Re Generation, it’s still and always about regeneration — of We, The People, from the inside out. Every inhale invites an exhale and vice versa. Perhaps inhaling pure Trump has made us dopey and hungry, and now begets an exhale of those exhaust(ive) emissions. Vivre La France in us all …