When Compassion Gets Lost in Translation…America Weakens
Christopher Kukk, Ph.D.

Dear Christopher Kukklumbus :-),

You remind us all to rediscover The New World — and not just that of America but the whole world.

And our Inner World.

The special books of Eternal Wisdom deemed as guideposts for living on Earth were birthed from beings who were inspired by more than just reason, but heart. Soul. They articulated an intuitive knowledge that belongs to an entire species but has been worn down through epochs of man-against-nature-against-human nature-and-the-brethren-he-seems-to-detest.

Sometimes and especially lately, with an administration whose lesser attributes reflect more than just American weakness but worldwide, one has the impression of back-to-school … dredging up all those unfinished lessons we thought were behind us but rear their truths and force us to yet again confront them.

The world of technology amplifies this so we all share the lessons in real time.

Throughout history certain galvanising events have marked us deeply. Inquisitions, World Wars, Terrorism and much more. We’re grade A+ at pointing the finger at our faults. But even when we think we’ve outsmarted life and that pointed finger, it points right back at us … slipping more learning through the cracks in surprising ways (e.g. post World War Germany who learned from their inadmisible failings, only to be recently challenged by a milder version with the Refugee Crisis and soul searching their emotional split about shouldering the burden).

So this time ‘round learning life differently benefits from a limber, less arrogant stance about our imperfect Self. A Benevolence Chapter in our human opus would be welcome indeed. Perhaps the problem is that benevolence has been preached and enforced rather than lured from its hiding place within the shadows of our unaddressed being. And then it’s distorted … misinterpreted over time and emphasising only convenient aspects of the full message (that may be advantageous only to some).

Interpretation is part of Mankind’s free will. But when that Will dominates the Free and our human nature forces our spiritual nature to forfeit its generous voice, time to realign.

If no Great Wisdoms had ever been written would Humanity know how to abide by higher principles, without benefit of an (en)lighthouse to navigate the murky waters?

Since time immemorial someone/s is always teaching us … urging us onward … informing us of our true and essential nature … forging into further inquiry through Arts, Sciences, Philosophy, Technology and so on.

So it seems that we need to teach and learn, that’s it’s an innate human experience worth embracing not excommunicating. But no one likes to be force fed. Sometimes we need to feed ourselves bitesize wisdom, camouflaged in something tasty. It’s worth sync-ing about :-).

Thanks for your penetrating article.