Fear Of Burning Out Is The New Fear Of Missing Out
Drake Baer

Drake is the “Baer” of good news; that the pressure is off to always be on.

Lemmings we are not. But Lazy Humanity we sometimes are, which means that every time Life devises new (and inspiring) gizmos for us to become enamoured by (or dependent upon) … or peer pressure that makes us cling to the bling …

we need to get bigger than Community and go in the opposite direction. To Individuality.

What a reversal!

To know thyself — not the masses — is the first key to keenly recognising those glimmers of overkill when they initially manifest. This involves working against Gravity and its brainwashing us into believing we necessarily need what “it” wants us to.

But “it” is We. And “we” are about finding balance … about knowing the appropriate dosage for whatever pulls at our compulsions so we don’t have to go cold turkey.

Owning technology demands learning how to be as responsible a user for it, as driving a car. Or a mind.

Your article is SA (so apropos) and worth Sync-ing about.

(P.S. Sorry — I intended to convey my appreciation by homing pigeon but technology temporarily took me hostage :-)).