We Can’t Disconnect Mental Wellness From Our Overall Well-Being
Arianna Huffington

Impeccable clarity and truth, Arianna. How far back in time do the strains of a strained existence show evidence of burnout? Today’s Tech Connect & Disconnect was Antiquity’s …?

So much of world history has taught us about territorial conquest and empire building. If we weren’t doing that we were running from dinosaurs or meteors, or scavenging for survival foods and caves or huts-as-home in desperate attempts to stay alive. To survive.

Some pockets of history included thriving — the ancient cultures of Egypt, the Greco-Roman era, 10th century Cordoba and so on — flourishing in their discovery of arts, sciences, medicine, architecture, philosophy amidst the volatility of birthing … advancing … growing man’s innate quest to evolve. There were always competing parts of our human condition that wanted to excel / exceed versus quietly commune with the divine in Nature.

Hopefully our dominant DNA isn’t programmed for bombardment and being driven to exhaustion. When was the most “reposed” period in world history and which culture was the most productively relaxed? Are we now conquering new sleepy-terrain, or merely reawaking to the vital skill sets that have laid dormant since falling into forgetful sleep so long ago (paradox, anyone)?

Anyway worth “sync”ing about, and sweet dreams to our waking self :-)