Peek A Boo, Who Sees you?
alison goldwyn

Maybe it’s weird but I’m living my dare,

because it’s a baby step toward self-care.

I’m honouring you by acknowledging me,

and in-so-doing enabling We.

To praise oneself for a job well done —

much less in full view of “everyone” —

might seem egocentric or selfish or crude,

but the basis of praises must start from our truth.

Waiting for others to give their approval,

while often our aim, isn’t healthy or fruitful.

It leaves us as victims of need and despair,

always groping for love as if gasping for air.

Of course when society pays us our due

it encourage and buoys our inherent value.

But growing the marriage of Inner from Outer

is ever a match about whose shout is louder.

So much as I hope that you like what I wrote,

I’m hoping still more that a You it promotes,

so you feel that your own work is worth your own noting

in strong self-esteem which is different than gloating.

Encouraging “likes” on behalf of our Selves

is a way to start giving and living Us well.

Im wishing wellness to myself as I wish it for everyone else.