Trump Has Pushed America Past Its Psychological Limit For Chaos
Drake Baer

Trump’s legacy by default is less about policy than psychology and symbology … as an uncomfortable, unlikely light-bearer on our (still and ever) unaddressed dark side.

We’re collectively numb — like the patient in O.R. — living our lives in a mildly sedated, semi-conscious state. When someone or something dramatically and suddenly jolts us awake from this stasis into consciousness, it’s a rare moment of intervention to be seized.

So who is intervening? Well that’s up to us … whether it’s those who take advantage of an entire populous’ weakened mindset, or us who take a vantage point of deeper inquiry about our inner nature.

If somehow (between the practice of washing one’s dishes) we can use this difficult but rare opportunity for a modicum of introspection, perhaps we break down and break through bits of the pattern inherent to our human condition, as Kruglanski and many others cite.

What sparks Evolution? What initiates a shift from Neanderthal brain to that of cro magnon? What will it take to initiate Mankind’s next paradigm shift?

A sage and timely piece, Drake.