Oprah Says ‘We’re Living In a World of Fear-Based Leadership’
Shelby Lorman

Whether Oprah indeed runs for president or not, it’s imperative for us to individually and collectively parent the innate fear which resides within our very DNA. It is so susceptible to and easily triggered by outside influence. Hard when it’s our own fear — harder still when it exponentially spreads worldwide. After all, we’re still and ever a communal species at the affect of one another. That’s a negative gravity with grave consequences.

Anyone who says they are childless has forgotten their inner child, who demands great TLC.
That’s the core constituency that needs to first be won.

From that very personal place of nurtured worth, multiplied by everyone, we build a society that can self-sustain in the event our elected officials somehow fail us (which presumably wouldn’t occur if they’re not elected from our fear-based vote but rather care-based).

Thanks for bringing this bit of news to the forefront, Shelby.