London 31 December 2019

After all, SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange Version Delta is going to be live on 01 January 2020, at 5:00 PM (GMT).

The process of implementation of the first upgrade, Upgrade Prima, of the Version Delta of SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange, has been initiated at 3:00 PM (GMT) and will finish on-time as planned.

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SynchroBit™ Delta Opens on 01 January 2020

Users can register their accounts upon the opening of the exchange and start using the platform.

SynchroBitcoin IEO is still ongoing on leading exchanges, including LiveCoin, P2PB2B, ICDM, ProBit, ShortEx, and Alderdice at 1 SNB= $0.50. The official listing of SNB and its integration on SynchroBit™ will take place on 01 February 2020 on the major leading exchanges.

London 13 December 2019

Official Announcement: SynchroBitcoin Migration to the New Smart Contract

This is to inform our esteemed community members, investors, ICO buyers, and partners that due to new advances on SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange platform and the upcoming integrations of SynchroBit Coin (SNB) with the other SynchroSphere™ platforms, the smart contract of SynchroBit Coin (SNB) has been changed from 0xd3172862ff028cc42660576a0a36cfbc94b50eec to the new contract 0x179E31FB25E433441a2839389A7b8EC9c4654b7B

Link of the new Smart Contract on Etherscan is:

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SynchroBitcoin (SNB) migrated to the new Smart Contract

The Advantages of The New Smart Contract for SynchroBitcoin (SNB)

Due to the recent upgrades of Ethereum Blockchain, new advantages could be added to the functions of the SynchroBitcoin (SNB). The new smart contract provides users with a vast range of advantages, including (but not limited…

03 October 2019, London

SynchroBit™ and SYNCHRONIUM® will officially sponsor the World Blockchain Summit 2019 in Dubai! Dr. Babak Behboudi, Co-Funder and Global CEO of SYNCHRONIUM® will also be one of the keynote speakers of this global event.

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SynchroBit™ Sponsors the World Blockchain Summit 2019 in Dubai

This event will be held during 23–24 October 2019 in Dubai, Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

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This event will be under the patronage and in presence of His Highness, Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah.

For more information, please visit



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