Sure, legalization of homosexual marriage, transgender bathrooms issues, Mom and Pop bakeries being…
James Massey

FYI, the classic definition of Left vs. Right is based in economic analysis, not all this Social Issue stuff about which you’re beside yourself. There’s scads of penny-pinching/money-worshipping/Repug homosexuals for example. Oh darn, a decline in the death cult that is Christianity with its 20-someodd different books slapped together, contradicting each other all over the place which you then declare your Bible? Good riddance. I’ll take humanism, thanks — way more coherent. None of this “eye for an eye” crap, nor bizarre bloodspilling of livestock in Rituals. Then you pull a “Judeo-Christian”.. ooh, sounds like you might be a Alex Jones droog w/that phrasing — given he’s just signed on to the Israel-can-do-no-wrong program as he’s become full-time shill for @realDonaldtRump.. but gee, you use ‘marijuana’ (itself a racist, odious name) in quotes — Jones has no truck with cannabis-demonizers (used to hang out with @WillieNelson.. okay I’ll stop rambling about mixednutbag Jones now.)
There’s plenty “brown” (your quotes, not mine) Repugs as well.. but your being all bent out of shape about them suggests to me you’re at least a tad racist. 
You might have a point about Mom & Pop bakeries though — if you’re really for the small fry operator, boycott the Two Crooked Parties immediately. Bought & paid for by multinational megaconglomerate corporations, their lifeblood is smashing what remains of the last of the independents. If you read my tweets, you’ll notice how I’m convinced that #RankChoiceVoting and a push to #Vote3rdParty are our only hope at this point. 
Add this hour to your weekly media consumption for an education as to left vs. right in modern times:

ps. I wanted to like you, too… is that your partner there? Very attractive — nice smiles.