This Election Must Be About Bringing Our People Together
Bernie Sanders

[I actually crafted this in response to reading a strident Libertarian’s posting.. but Bernie & Co. very much need to read it too.]
#JillNotHIll! This would be the true debate of ideas: Dr. Stein v. Gov. Johnson. Were it to happen, it of course would be ignored by the #MSM, who — we could tell all along, but thanks 2 #DNCleaks now have proof — were colluding with Dem bosses to basically be a propaganda organ instead of journos! The silence from the corporate press about their collusion to smear/defeat socialist Sanders is deafening.
Bernie’s betrayal is profound — knowing he’s not a sucker for money (bribes) one is left thinking of the only other tool likely.. (which is pretty unmentionable, so I’ll refrain.) He made the case so well that WallStreet-beholden candidates have to be fought — this brought out zillions of new democratic socialists: youth. Now he thinks they’re going to somehow believe HRC’s totally bogus, vague promises which she recently started spouting about “making them pay their share”! He could’ve won, had he heeded the signs of things being rigged when it was obvious, and ran outside the Dem party:
If most Americans continue to think the Democrat Primary was a copacetic process, it speaks volumes about the ability of #MSM to hoodwink very, very many people (I put ridiculously yuge @NYT & @NPR up at the top of undue influencers, btw.) 
Now it looks like it’s between two very crazy warmongers. I wish there was a god to help. (Show me a sign?)

ps. in addition to the completely-obscured Leftist radio I consume (@KPFA,@KPFK,@WBAI et al) I can’t recommend enough the genuine-Libertarian foreign policy show, Antiwar Radio: @SHSradioArchive !)

pps. I’m out of time just now, but watch this space” — I’ll have soon a short-list of essential debates/takes on the #EvilOfTwoLessers embroglio into which we’ve gotten ourselves!

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