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1. What is DINNGO?

In the present market, DINNGO is the first platform to have two layers of verification. By utilizing the technical architecture of the newest hybrid exchange, DINNGO generates fast matches through the smart transaction matching engine.

2. Advantages of using DINNGO:

- Safety
It can be said that in the digital currency world, centralized platforms have tried to take the role as banks. However, centralized exchanges often become the primary target of hackers. In 2017, there were many exchanges being hacked, which caused massive asset lost. Unfortunately, there is no universal law for cryptocurrency. As a result, users would lose all their money.

3. Token Economics:

DGO token is a utility token which supports the DINNGO ecosystem. Holders will not only enjoy a 50% discount on transaction fees but receive numerous exclusive benefits.

  • Token form: ERC20
  • Token unit price: 1 ETH = 2,125 DGO
  • Financing target: 40,000 ETH
  • Soft cap/ Hard cap: 4,000 ETH/ 40,000 ETH
  • Total token amount: 200,000,000
  • Expected amount of token sales :100,000,000
  • ICO accepted currency: BTC (private sale), ETH (public sale + private sale)
  • Minimum/maximum purchase limit: 0.1 ETH/no limit

4. Challenges for DINNGO

Appearing in the present market as the first platform having two — step verification, DINNGO promises to bring a safe and secure environment for their users. However, there are several challenges for their team to succeed.
First of all, DINNGO has to compete with other big decentralized platforms. One great example is Binance, which is going to launch its own blockchain “Binance Chain”.
Next, DINNGO still doesn’t have MVP and there is not public information about its cold wallet. Moreover, DINNGO still hasn’t publicly announced their strategic partners on their website. These problems can create confusion among people, which makes them feel unsure about their project.


To sum up, the idea of this project is quite innovative and promising. At present, when existing platforms couldn’t meet users’ need, the appearance of DINNGO is expected to provide them with a fast, secure and convenient digital exchange. Furthermore, with an experienced team and advisory board, DINNGO will definitely achieve its main objectives.

Syndicator’s rate: (7,5/10)

 ICO Profile: 7.5/10
 Whitepaper: 7,5/10
 Team & Advisors: 8/10
 Social media: 7/10


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