I Want A Cool-Girl Leather Jacket
Rachel Brodsky

So glad to read the epilogue. I purchased my classic Schott way back in 1991 at the Original I. Goldberg in Philly, when it proudly stood at 902 Chestnut Street (which is now a parking low). I tucked away $10 a week for almost half a year to save up for it, and still had change left over. (They now go for about 3x what I paid back in the day). I still love it, and my mom still hates it.

My aspirational clothing is now a really, really well-fitting pair of jeans, possibly selvedge denim. I have a funny-shaped body (small waist, large hips, seriously, you could stick a water bottle in the gap at the back of my pants sometimes), and would love to have One. Awesome. Pair. that I could wear for years and years and years. There’s a high-end denim shop here in Philly, and I’ve walked by it so many times, but am afraid to go in, because I think they will just laugh at my body.

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