• James Mock

    James Mock

  • hep svadja

    hep svadja

    i did it for the lolz, your honor. pro photog, internet troublemaker, ex-hax, this is a collection of my unprofessional rants, photos, and half-baked ideas.

  • Edward Kamau

    Edward Kamau

    Computer Science student @ Catholic University of Eastern Africa. AI buff. Pretty cool huh?

  • Adrian Florea

    Adrian Florea

  • Daniel Keyes

    Daniel Keyes

    Managing Student Partner @ fresh.fund — the first student-led VC in Israel <> Avocado Connoisseur <> Engineering @ Hebrew University

  • Nur Yesilyurt

    Nur Yesilyurt

    Passenger & Nomad & Ronin & Pentester & Cyber Security & Security Researcher & GNU/Linux Lover & Speed Lover & A Combination of Black and White cyberjungles.com

  • fool


    I’m just a guy who likes stuff, like the Culture of Support, Riding bikes, Facilitating joy, & Building community.

  • WowDevQA


    WowDevQA: AI: ML: DL: CHatBots: Software Solutions: customized needs and Quality: Assurance: your direct involvement: specialized in Cyber: Security: Hacking:

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