3 Benefits of fitness challenges

What did you set out to do that has still been yet to be seen when you set your wellness goals for 2016? What have you been doing to invest in your health and wellness? What would you like to add to your current regimen or routine that could add more value to your wellness experience?

You still have the last quarter of the year and some change to focus in on a small goal and we’d actually love to help out!

3 things challenges provide for you during the fall

  1. Metrics- In the course of a year a lot gets lost in all of the hard work you’ve invested in while working out or working on your nutrition. Are you losing inches? Are you noticing your pants are looser? Has your weight stayed the same despite of losing inches? Do your joints ache? Are other things you wanted to happen still not occurring? (Sleep cycle is poor, stagnant in weight loss, low energy throughout the day). Front end measurements help re-calibrate where you are and give you set some realistic goals.
  2. Coaching- After years of working on and navigating a business plan the only times of frustration and stagnation I’ve experienced is when I’m thinking about the complete vision all at once instead of breaking down my plan piece by piece. Coaches help simplify the most important action items that move you towards the results you are looking for and helps you to have peace from experiencing clarity by having a road map.
  3. Accountability- I’ve recorded interviews during intake for over 10 years. 95% of people I interview reveal that one of the major expectations that they have of us, and minimize attrition, is having accountability by my staff and others. When entering a semi-private training session or group class with a friend or coach we as humans start to feel a sense of responsibility for each other as we deepen our relationships. Integration of working out and investment in nutrition is life style and much like a marriage that grows the more you are nurtured by community.

With having a clear direction of where you going, a coach that helps narrow down priorities, and accountability of friends you can’t lose!!! Make something happen today!!!