Clear road map towards your results

September 24, 2012 I parted ways with a local health club to start on a journey to creating for my future, family, and friendships. Up until that point I had what I thought were amazing jobs that I could see myself doing forever. One was at this health club and the other was at a local church creating wellness programs.

September has always been a time of reflection but also a time of celebration! In the fall a lot of things die off. Often times those things need to die off to create a fruitful spring! In September we’ve went through a lot of changes that has always grown our business for the better!

When it comes to your wellness journey are you aware of things that could be holding you back from being the best version of you? Many times we navigate through life enjoying it but also wondering, “what else” In my jobs that I loved so much before starting my own company I absolutely LOVED working for them but in the back of my mind I always had a “what else” mentality. The ambivalence I faced then, I now know was attached to not examining weaker talent that I needed to have a coach to help with. That weaker talent was creating a plan!

Funny!!! I know, One of the leading trainers at a health club or director of wellness with a huge ministry team didn’t know how to create a plan? I had business plan on paper, but because I didn’t know how it would happen, with cynicism I would fail to try.

Sometimes when I look at my wellness journey I experience the same thing. I know the plan, it’s written down, but when I think about my past failure, when I think about my cravings, or when I think about the obstacles, it completely clutters my view of the road map.

What’s stopping you? If I were to tell you that road maps have a lot of variables but its about tackling one thing at a time would you be interested in taking a look at yours? For that reason this September we are unveiling the “solution”, the “Synergy Coach Solution”.

Next September Synergy Coach will turn 5 years old! I’m excited about it because statistics show most small business don’t make it that far! We are having our coming out party this month by doing what we do best for as many people as possible: evaluation and creating road maps that lead to consistent results and sustainability! Our process takes less than 45 minutes and we take you through it every 3 months working on different goals each quarter. If there was one thing you had to do a few times a day to change the trajectory of your performance, vitality, strength, or just overall general health would you be interested in having a coach walk you through that process?

Strategy and road maps provide a clear direction towards your results! Come in and find out how to get started today!!!!