Create your celebration… (Christmas Birthdays)

I have a Christmas birthday!

The reactions I get to this are telling of what individuals truly think of Christmas AND what people truly believe about birthdays! I myself have had to rationalize my truth in regards to both over the years.

Christmas Birthdays do NOT suck!

One of the common responses I often get is, “That must have sucked growing up!” I often want to agree and commonly make the other person feel okay in making the comment by telling jokes about receiving a pair of socks! “The right sock for my birthday and the left sock for Christmas.” Or an outfit, “They gave me a pair of pants for my birthday with a matching shirt for Christmas.”

I mean there may be some truth to those jokes. Nonetheless, Christmas birthdays do no SUCK!

Here is the truth, people want to be celebrated! We crave intimacy, we crave destiny, we crave meaning, or we crave all or a combination of them!

I often, because of having a Christmas birthday, remained relatively silent about what I wanted. What that set up for me was never communicating what I want in anything;

in my relationships;

in my friendships;

with my business;

with my partnerships;

and as of recent while talking to a financial planner! The question that has always been a struggle has often been, “What is it that you want”. This question that we all have to answer.

A mentor of mine always says, “How we do anything is how we’ll do everything”.

My inability to plan my own celebration hinged upon trying to figure out what everyone else wanted. This is okay in sales and listening to consumers for countless hours, but even part of the reason why we listen is to make sure to understand whether or not we have what they’d want in thee first place.

You have to create your celebration!!!!!

When you’ve decided that you are going to create your celebration in life you will:

  1. Decide on what you want
  2. Agreed upon those terms with all those who it entails (significant other, business partner, friend, service provider) Both parties have to be comfortable and be okay with saying they are uncomfortable.
  3. Have a plan of execution about what it will take to get what you want!!

Entrepreneurship has been this to me. I believe it was only tough when I was unable to articulate what I wanted and has become more rewarding when I submit to the idea that exploring barriers of putting others ahead of me warrants attention, and ultimately isn’t a loving act towards myself!

Love yourself enough to create your life celebration!!!