Healing in Ownership

It’s better to just own it! This year is a very important year for my small company, Synergy Coach! It’s been a blessing to watch it grow, to participate in that growth, and start looking 5 years out and planning on what moves today could mean for the impact of the brand 5 years down the road!

As a personal trainer in a health club over 5 years ago, I can’t say I fully owned my destiny, but always complained (at the water cooler), the possibilities of better! I guess my vision, maybe even your vision right now, may be too big for the current situation you’re in, or maybe its just pulling you further away from where you’d like to be.

I’ve been enjoying, as of late, growing by being challenged in a mastermind group! Each week we meet and talk and often the leader gives us an assignment. I’ve been reading (Which is a passion and love), and writing (a close second) more than I’ve ever been and its helping me navigate in a healthier way!

I’m learning more now about “ownership” more than any other time in my life. To be present means more than to be a physical shell in a room. To be present is to see the world around you and to respond well to it!

I’ve become most aware of a few things using a tool my friend, who is a coach has helped me navigate well and that is the acronym FIFOW

F- Facts

I- Imagination

F- Feelings

O- Own

W- Want

I’ve used it in conflict resolution to jot notes down before entering conversation and this is what I’ve learned:

  1. I have an ACTIVE Imagination: Sitting down an examining the facts in light of what you imagined has helped me better communicate my frustration!
  2. When I OWN how I’ve thought about an issue and hear how silly it sounds it gives me a road to seek clarity or for another person to examine their actions that I’m talking through.
  3. Being clear on what you want and communicating it is a lost art!

We seem to want to get along without the work it takes to study, examine differences. Peace is not everyone walking around like robocops!

Lastly, I’ll conclude; Leaders are readers! I’ve been blessed reading Extreme Ownership (on audio) and The War of Art (Steven Pressfield) (Not to be confused with The Art of War) and of course as mentioned accountability with a Mastermind along with the loving support of my team that has just finished reading, Traction! I’m looking forward to continuing to be apart of positive change in my world and as you to create synergy with me!