Travel- Midwestern Fall Tour 2016 (Health goals???)

At the beginning of the year my life coach had me evaluate areas of my life that help me find balance.

How would you rate these areas of your life on a scale of 1–10? 10 being overly exceptional 1 being lacking fullness?






Financial (Personal & Business)

I feel most “awesome” when I make time to travel and spend time with family and friends! When I rated this faculty, I was disappointed to see that I spent a lot of time working with little time relating to thing things that make me, me! This fall, I spent time in Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; Mankato, Minnesota; and Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Here are a few pics from my trip while on Lake Minnetonka!

I watched the second half of the Alabama game in the boat! Every now and then I took a minute from beauty to see how the Tide were performing. RTR!
I forgot to take a picture at Paisley Park, but couldn’t help but to notice the purple tint the sky possessed as the sun was disappearing.

Physical, business, and social life as well as the other faculties call for (at least for me) moments of pause and reflection. Rest always yields more fruitfulness in our dealings whether physically with movement or relationally with humanity!