Where do YOU Stand???
>---> Time is NOW!! <---<

We need YOU!!! Strength in Numbers!>--->Stand with Standing Rock!<---<
Pray. Donate Time, $$$, Supplies.
Sign petitions. Write letters. Post & Share. Check In. Go to Rallies. Be Informed. 
Tell Friends & Family.
If You Drink Water, this is about YOU!!!
Blessings of Gratitude for the peaceful Water Protectors and the Immense Sacrifice they are making.
They do not deserve the maltreatment over the last 500years, and now they are peacefully opposing TO PROTECT OUR WATER!! Stop the wicked militarized force
#NoDAPL #standingrock
Sacredstonecamp.org #synergyetc facebook.com/sacredstoneprotectors-pipelineprotest

Prayers reinforce the peaceful protection of your sacred water.

The wickedness must end, everywhere!

Less than 24 hours ago, a vile display from Morton County Police began ~4 hours north of Standing Rock on hwy 1080:

  • Tear Gas Grenades being launched into the Water Protectors.
  • Water canon spraying in below freezing temperatures.
  • Rubber bullets being fired randomly into the crowd.
  • Sound grenades being launched into the crowd.
  • Mace spraying.

*And people are getting hurt.
Please send prayers around the world